1963 Firebird V With Maestro Vibrola Antique Frost Blue Heavy Aged


Fired Up Since ’63


maestro by gibson

Fired Up Since ’63

When Gibson hired famed automotive designer Ray Dietrich to create a radical new solid body guitar, Rock ‘n Roll history ensued. With its offset shape, neck-through construction and scorching mini-humbuckers, the ’63 Firebird™ V became an instant classic. The Gibson Custom Shop is proud to present this exacting replica of a vintage original, which uses authentic contours, dimensions, and construction methods for an incredible ownership and playing experience. It features a Maestro™ Vibrola. It also features Heavy Aging by the skilled artisans of the Murphy Lab. The Murphy Lab Heavy Aged finish treatment, paired with heavily aged hardware, simulates decades of heavy play wear, giving it the unique character, vibe, and feel of an original example from the Gibson Golden Era. Maestro by gibson


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